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Feeling Stuck?

I get it, because I’ve been there. You want to change your life, take massive action, revolutionize your daily routines and habits, up-level your career, health, relationships. And yet you just. Can’t. Move. Binging podcasts and personal development books, saying affirmations, downloading a bunch of apps that gather digital dust on your phone. Those quick bursts of excitement and productivity, followed by that icky stagnancy and frustration. It’s like yo-yo dieting, but for every aspect of your life. Trust me, I know.


Habit coaching is one part accountability, one part motivational butt kicking, one part problem solving. It is a partnership that gives you a place to radically shift your mindset around your goals, solidify your intentions, and design a habit change plan that will not only help you meet your goals, but will help you sustain your growth, long-term.

Purpose. Precision. Perseverance.

That’s what this is all about.

You need accountability.

Habit change is tough work. You need a coach who has both knowledge and know-how. I can help.

Why me? Well besides the fact that I’m obviously obsessed with habits and keep a blog on it?

If you want to start with the dotted line, I’ve got plenty of expertise to share. I am:

  • A doctorate degree bearing psychologist (Yes, technically I’m Dr. Asha, but I’m not planning to start a talk show any time soon, so just call me Asha).
  • A certified professional life coach – because coaching is NOT the same as therapy. Psychology gives me the understanding of how humans work. Therapy is what I do to help people heal from deep wounds. Coaching is what I use to help you LEVEL-UP your whole damn life.
  • A 200RYT certified vinyasa yoga instructor. Because the body and the mind are connected. Enough said.

But more importantly, and above all, I am you. I am someone who has struggled with habits in the past, but I’ve worked hard to create a plan that I know works. I have been in that stuck place. I was overweight, tired, and inconsistent. Over time, I’ve learned that anything is possible, if you break it down into actionable steps and get very, very clear about your WHY.

Knowing Your Why Is Your Key To The Next Level

Knowing my why is how I went from panting my way through a quarter mile jog to running 2 full marathons and more half marathons than I can count.

Knowing my why is how I went from eating ice-cream sandwiches for lunch as a kid to having a loving and intuitive relationship with my body and my health needs.

Knowing my why is how I went from meditating for a week then giving it up for a year to having a consistent morning ritual and attending week long yoga and meditation retreats.

Knowing my why is how I went from running my checking account into the ground every month to having a consistent budgeting and financial planning routine that I actually enjoy doing.


I work with clients who are ready to dive deep and do the work. If you are tired of being tired, and want to take the reins on your life once and for all, consider applying to work with me. I only see a select few clients at a time, so that I can give you my full attention and pour my energy into honing your success plan. After you complete the application below, I’ll review it and get back to you within one week. If it feels like a good fit, I’ll schedule a discovery call with you to get the ball rolling. After that, we’ll get hatching.


What does a typical session look like? We’ll design a plan that works for you. Generally, we’ll be working on a balance of action plans, problem solving, cue-setting, mindset shifting, and experiential exercises to get clear on your “why” and tackle all your internal and external barriers to leveling up your habits.

How long will it take? This depends on what you are bringing to the table. Most habits take about 60 days to form, so for best results, we’ll need at least a few months to hone in on each new habit.

You are a psychologist too, right? Can you do both therapy and coaching with me? No, I can’t. Coaching is very different from therapy. If after chatting with you it sounds more like you could benefit from therapy than coaching, I’ll help you get connected with an awesome mental health professional.

How much will it cost?┬áMany coaches hide their prices from you until after the discovery session. I’m not about that. This is an investment you are making in yourself, so I want you to make an informed decision.

By the hour, one-on-one audio/video/in-person coaching is $200. However I also offer a few packages:

  • Committed: Weekly individual coaching sessions, $500 a month ($300 savings!)
  • Toes In the Water: Email and Text support only. Up to 2 email exchanges a week and 3-5 random accountability texts from me throughout the week. $50 a week, or $150 a month (1 week free!)
  • Keep Me Accountable: Everything in the toes in the water package, plus one monthly audio/video call, $300 ($400 value!)
  • I Want It All: If you are really ready to rock your habits to the next level, you can get the committed package, email support, and accountability texts for $700 a month ($500 total savings!)

So, are you ready to take things to the next level? Apply Below!

Asha lives in California, so all appointments will be scheduled PST.
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NOTE: If you are wanting to BREAK a habit you don't like, think about what you want to do INSTEAD.
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